4 Apr 2013

This is the End

Upon arriving home from work this evening, Dave and I realised that the sun was still shining and that it didn't feel quite as cold as it has done recently. Subsequently, we decided to grab the camera and go for a short walk. Rather morbidly, we chose to walk around a nearby cemetery (mainly because I saw a patch of spring flowers as we drove by).

It is still quite chilly, hence my somewhat Autumnal outfit. But at least I could just about get by without a coat, hat, scarf and gloves (something that has been impossible since November!) This dress is one of my all-time favourites - it's perfect for every season with a little layering thrown into the mix. 

Photos all taken by myself or Dave and edited by myself. 
Wearing - Topshop floral dress, ASOS jumper, vintage bag and Topshop ankle boots (all old).

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  1. Lovely photos! Unfortunately here in London it was snowing and freezing all of yesterday! I think you've got more lucky with the weather! I can't wait to take off my coat! x