23 Jan 2011

Afternoon Sister

I made a discovery this afternoon which has caused the need to create a whole new inspiration folder on my laptop. Test Mag is a constantly evolving website showcasing inspiring fashion shoots and short films. One particular shoot which caught my eye was this one above. No-nonsense one-length hair cuts like this are inspiring me no end at the moment, perfectly in keeping with this seventies vibe which is lingering around for 2011. And the clothing has a no-fuss, just thrown on vibe about it whilst still managing to be a 'fashion' shoot. The natural background and lighting fits in perfectly. It is as if a few friends (stunning naturally beautiful and incredibly talented friends, that is) took a camera and went for a stroll around the neighbourhood taking snaps.

Director: Beau Grealy
Stylist: Sarah Cobb
Producer: Nikki Stromberg
Photographic Assistants: David Engelhardt and Shaun Hartas


  1. These are beautiful images, I love them! Especially the last--I love that she is placed in a dress that actually embraces curves. So natural + beautiful.

  2. wow, these photos are wonderful. the lighting and overall style is really beautiful. thank you for sharing!


  3. beautiful photos !