13 Jul 2012

7 Wonders - Anabela Carneiro from Fieldguided

It's been a while, but here is the latest installment of '7 Wonders'. Please welcome to my blog Anabela Carneiro, who writes one of my favourite blogs, Fieldguided.Here are Anabela's current inspirations :-

1. This photoshoot by Anja Verdugo for Audrey Grace Boutique, Like Candy. Anja never ceases to amaze me.

2. Photography by Ina Jang. Minimal and gorgeous.

 3.My friend Leilanni Todd’s clothing line is so pretty! I particularly love her eyelet shorts.

 4. Temporary cat tattoos by Harriet Gray. I wouldn’t mind having some of these tattooed on me permanently!

 5. My friend Saelan made this mix for summer and it is such a good roadtrip soundtrack! I particularly like tracks 11 and 12.

 6. This blog post on A Continuous Lean, which really speaks to my love of clean, traditional menswear.

 7. This post on Freunde von Freunden. Lisbon is one of my favourite cities, and I love how light and bright these pictures are. Plus I love the designer’s work! Any man who carries a tote bag is all right in my books.  


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