23 Jan 2013

January through Instagram

 1. Abigail loves dogs. 2. A day at the museum. 3. Beautiful details at work. 4. Denim shirt and polka dot dress.
 5. I've started to wear hats everyday. 6. Collage fun. 7. Amazing halloumi salad. 8. Beautiful Mouse.
 9. Mouse and the mattress. 10. Tekla's beautiful voice in the Briton's Protection. 11. Quiet booth in Selfridges. 12. Editing images at work.
13. Perfect pink collar at work. 14. More work details - pretty pastels. 15. Bag puss. 16. Denim collars are my current favourites.

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  1. Adorable cat. And what is it with cat and plastic bags?

    1. I know! Mine love nothing better x