12 Feb 2013


Karen Walker
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sophie Theallet
Victoria Victoria Beckham

Part of the enjoyment and enticement of fashion week is the theatrics of eccentric collections that are pure forms of art. Whimsical, eccentric and outlandish creations make the audience stand up and take notice, with oohs and aahs of realising great creativity.

The harsh reality, however dictates that these designs are not at all likely to be worn by the greater pubic. They will be filtered down and diluted and given a much broader trend umbrella, like 'stripes' or 'frills' or 'asymmetric'. 

The ready-to-wear collections that you see being paraded down the runway and think "I'd wear that to work" - to me, they are just as enjoyable as the more outlandish creations. They tend to give more inspiration for actual attainable looks.

Take the examples above: Karen Walker's loosely tailored silhouettes, interesting colour combinations and billowing coats.  Marc by Marc's 1970s wallpaper prints, striking v-necked pinafore and slinky pencil skirts. Sophie Theallet's contrast panelled shirts, rust grey and blue hues and chic workwear. And Victoria by Victoria Beckham's oversized woollen beanies, chic layering and knee high black boots. All of these designers have provided us with collections that we can take inspiration from certain elements (or if we can afford to, purchase one piece) and it slot seamlessly into our wardrobes)


  1. great post! it's funny to see things on the catwalk and how fast they trickle onto the high street and also how we can take something we have which is similarish and fashion it up in a way that mimics the designers!

    Adore the chunky knit scarf and all the tailoring going on