15 Feb 2013

Road Trip!

The most exciting part of my summer is going to be a two week long road trip around Brittany in Northern France with my boyfriend. We're going to drive our little smart car around the French countryside and along the coast, with just a pop-up tent, a suitcase of clothes and an array of cameras at the end of May.

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Hollie Fernando x3, Amanda Leigh-Smith, Evan Lane x2, Tamar Wider, Amanda Leigh-Smith x2, Alexandra Valenti, Amanda Leigh-Smith, Frou Frou x3, Leanda Heler, Jeff Luker


  1. This sounds like such a fantastic trip, have a great time. My boyfriend and I drove around New Zealand and Australia for a couple of months with a stove and our little tent. We had the best time!

  2. I like road trips very much, I'm jealous :) And thanks for suggesting these photographers, they're great!

  3. this sounds amazing. would love to do this. perfect location.