10 Dec 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre Fall 2014

When Phillip Lim drew inspiration from two of my most favourite things (1. The Nineties. 2. Berlin) he was sure to grab my attention. I'm not usually a Lim advocate - directional sportswear ain't my thing - however, this collection well and truly won me over.

Effortlessly fusing a diverse world of subcultures (grunge and rave influences dominating), Lim presented an easily wearable collection of contemporary clothing perfectly suited for a day crawling Kreuzberg's independent shops then straight off to a rave in the train yards. Tinfoil sweatshirts, olive green leather jogging pants and the nonchalant beanie hat ensured that the sportswear vibe was evident; yet given a new lease of life by teaming with languid layers and cute little chain strapped boots.

Nonchalant sexy slip dresses were layered with oversized androgynous tee shirts and worn over cropped trousers (the way to style your school uniform for a brief six months in the late nineties: skirt over trousers) or thick black tights. Bags either resembled My Little Pony's shiny mane or were satchels hitched up to rest on the hip bone (where mine will be sitting tomorrow morning). Luminous prints brought to mind the swirling neon lights of glowsticks in a darkly lit room. 

It was the nineties. But hoisted into Berlin's contemporary club culture and given a New York polish.

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  1. I love the brown coat! Philip Lim can do no wrong in my eyes! :)