18 Jun 2014


Warm nights herald the start of picnic season. As soon as it is balmy enough to walk around at 9pm in shorts, you know that it's time to gather up your blankets and baskets and relocate to the nearest green space until it starts to cool down - and even then, if you don't wish to retreat indoors, simply pull on a thin knit and wrap your multi-functional blankets around your tanned knees.

There's no better way to while away long hazy summer days than lounging in a field/garden/park of your choice with a gaggle of your nearest and dearest; supping on cava or cider, eating raspberries off your fingers and listening to the tinny sound of iPod speakers playing the likes of Nick Drake, Neutral Milk Hotel and Rodriguez.

Currently praying for those extra few degrees.


  1. I grew up trying to stay outside as long as possible, even when the sun had gone down my mum would always bring blankets outside so we could enjoy the air a little longer.