29 Nov 2009

The Belles of the Black Diamond Fields

The Belles of the Black Diamond Fields are Maximilla Lukacs & Sarah Sophie Flicker. They are responsible for the short film, 'Spell' (for Lula magazine, with Topshop) as well as other dream-like, vintage inspired haunting films Lay Down Lean, Love Has Left the Room and Kill Your Darlings. The short films feature Lula darlings Karen Elsen, Tennessee Thomas and Zooey Deschanel and have a mystical, magical feel to them - think long flowing hair, crowns of fresh flowers, a Midsummers-nights-dream, Picnic-on-hanging-rock, Wicker-man, pagan rituals, beautiful (often Topshop or vintage) clothes and hauntingly beautiful music. Visit their myspace to see all of the short films.



  1. oh my goodness these photos are wonderful!!