20 Jan 2010

Mini Trend 1: Leather Shorts

With the promise of warmer weather getting closer and closer as the snow thaws, some of us are already planning our summer wardrobes. More and more people are looking to the internet, and the scores of fashion bloggers and street style websites for inspiration. I have come across a wide range of mini-trends adorned by style icons all over the web.

Leather shorts

Not my cup of tea, but I've noticed black leather shorts cropping up all over the blogosphere lately. An unusual choice for the warmer months perhaps, especially amongst all of the pastal hues, frills, lace and chiffon that will be literally floating around this summer. However, team your high-waisted leather shorts with bare, tanned legs; the highest cage sandals you can get your hands on; a loose fitting jersey tee and just-got-out-of-bed hair and you have yourself a refreshingly different way to show skin and stay stylish with a Parisienne twist.

Photos from Karla's Closet, Jak and Jil (photo of Caroline Sieber), Ballad of a Thin Girl and photograph of Chloe Sevigny



  1. I love that last picture of Chloe, I've always dreamed of getting my hands on those shoes. I'm intrigued by leather shorts, it takes the right pair and the right outfit to really pull them off.

  2. Not my favorite look. Plus with summer coming up, it seems very... uncomfortable, to say the least.

    Ellie Grace

  3. i hope the rest of the world can pull those pleated gems off.

    i know i'd like to

  4. they make it look so easy

  5. love it but not sure if I could pull it off sadly

  6. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy don't know how I feel about these.....

  7. thanks so much for reading my blog! i just got leather shorts.. love them :)