24 Aug 2011

An Autumnal Floral .........

.... Don't mind if I do!
A midi -length, long-sleeved floral gown is definately on my 'must-hunt-down-after-pay-day' list. I wouldn't mind Jessica Horton's Topshop dreamboat of a dress, if I had a spare £100 knocking around ....

Hanneli photographed by Street Style Aesthetic, Jessica Horton from My Oh My in Grazia magazine, Johanna Fosselius photographed by Altamira


  1. ha ha! ...why do bank accounts always look like at the end of the month even when it's only the beginning of the month - i ask myself?!!? :)
    GO and get that skirt! it's AMAZING!

  2. How I love this look! I'm wearing a floral print skirt now as well x3