2 Jan 2012


How I spent my 2011, in no particular order ...

New Year 2011/12 party (December)
Christmas party with friends (December)
Walking by the river in Kirkby Lonsdale (November)
Walking in Kirkby Lonsdale (November)
Playing chess (November)
Beech Road festivities (July)
Halloween party (October)
Walking in the sun in the Dordogne (September)
A long weekend in an idyllic location (September)
Exploring French markets (September)
Taking in magnificant views (September)
Admiring crystals (September)
Photographing crystals (September)
At friend's weddings (August)
A day trip to Blackpool (November)
Exploring underneath the pier (November)
Dancing in the sunset (November)
Taking photographs (November)
Eating thai food (May)
Walking amongst the holocaust memorial (May)
Drinking in Berlin (May)
Finding elaborate graffiti (May)
Meeting monkeys (August)
A birthday day trip (August)
Birthday food (August)
Birthday night with friends (August)
A delicious roast dinner in a perfect cottage (March)
A long weekend by the sea in Wales (March)


  1. I adore your more personal photographs, you are so gorgeous! Your hair O_O swoooon hehe. Where is your checked dress from in the first photo if you dont mind me asking?!

    I hope your 2012 is wonderful and filled with more camera adventures. <3 xxx

    ps i was wondering why the beech road photograph looked so familar >_< ohhhh late night brain! Did you go there for the wedding celebrations?

  2. Wow I love your photos. Looks like a fun year... bring on 2012! Eheh.

    the collective edit xx

  3. Gorgeous photos Lavelle.. looks like a great year! Happy 2012!

  4. Wow sooo busy! What awesome photos! And all of you have amazing hair! I have recently cut mine like yours only im blonde - I would love to pull off your colour!

    Oh and lets not forget the darling vintage clothing which did not go unoticed amongst your memories you've shared!