3 Mar 2012

Perfection in a Dress

I am reserving most of my street style inspiration for my tumblr blog nowadays. My thought process is to make this blog more personal and more diverse, with more of my own photography (when/if I get round to it). But sometime a street style image stops me in my tracks and I have to share it on as many mediums as possible. Hence this post, featuring this knock-out outfit: loosely-tied-up hair (look at that perfect wave!), bare legs, simple flat black pumps and THAT DRESS. The simple navy top, the ruched waist (expertly emphasised by the skinny brown belt) and the full, knee-length mottled-grey skirt. If anyone can guide me to where to purchase this exquisite item, I would be eternally grateful.


  1. I LOVE this ensemble, it's the perfect skirt length...so elegant. Bon, bon! xx

  2. I loved this too! Been meaning to post it for a while because it is just so perfect. I would like to be her, please.

  3. wow i love it!
    Love Lois xxx