1 Jul 2012

Berlin Photo Diary - Tacheles

We begun our second day in Berlin with a visit to Kunsthaus Tacheles - an artists commune on Oranienburger Strasse in Mitte. The area is brimming with independent galleries and Tacheles is definitely the most intriguing space. It's housed in a huge building that has previously been a department store and a Nazi prison and now contains several artists workspaces, a cinema, a beer garden and stairwells decorated by colourful graffiti.

Photos by myself and my boyfriend


  1. Amazing.
    So jealous I've never visited Berlin pre-baby.
    Beautiful photo's. xx

  2. Fantastic photos! The colours are amazing
    http://arielledomb.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. Thanks - it was really colourful in there!

  3. Can you still get into Tacheles? I thought all the artists had moved out, been chucked out in fact. I hear they had removed all their artworks. Are the artists themselves still there>

  4. Hi John!

    There were definitely several artists working away there last week. In the third photo you can just about see a group of artists in the far room. We didn't want to disturb them but they were working on something on quite a big scale. A few floors up there were several guys working away on postcard and poster collages that they were selling. There was quite a lot of empty space just filled with graffiti, so maybe some of the artists had moved out?