4 Jul 2012

Hamburg Photo Diary - Part 2

The final two days of the holiday were spent in a scorching heatwave, exploring the lakes and gardens of Hamburg. Definitely my favourite time spent in the city.

Photographs by myself and my boyfriend


  1. I love your germany pictures! You look so beautiful in them! Your wardrobe is extremely enviable >_< you have the best collection of midi skirts.

    Both Hamburg and Berlin are dreamy, i have such fond memories from my time in germany! xxxx

    1. Awh Tilly! That comment just made my day - thanks :) Where abouts did you visit in Germany? I'm seriously thinking that I need to move to Berlin one day x

    2. Ohh Berlin is amazing isn't it?! So beautiful and everyone is so very sweet! We stayed quite Northen in Germany, we visited Munich (best beer in the world), Freiburg (hiked the black forest), Fussen and the Romantic Road, Hamburg and some places that my brain has forgotten >_<. One of my best pals is german too so we had a sort of tour guide :D

      Ohh tis my pleasure about the comment! Honestly your photography (and you!) are just stunning <3 <3 <3

      ps i want to live in your wardrobe.

  2. Amazing pics! They're extremely beautiful. The second one with the swan reminds me a lot of the part of the film Marie Antoinette when she is staying in Le Petit Trianon of Versailles... where all the pics of the flowers remind me of that part of the film, they're dreamy! :) And the first part was great too. I'd love to visit Hamburg one day, it looks like a really beautiful place. And love the skirt!


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  4. Hamburg looks rather lovely, I love the flower photos <3

  5. Such a beautiful place. I love the lake and the flower pictures.