7 Aug 2012

7 Wonders - August

1. Have you ever wondered how to make ice-cream? Or invented your own weird and wonderful flavours? A Beautiful Mess this week posted their own rhubarb and blueberry recipes.

2. This out-take from the Charlotte Free for Complot campaign is DIVINE. I need to buy dozens of flowers and re-create this shot.

3. Mariell takes fabulous photographs of her every day life. This shot combines several fantastic elements - Kew Gardens (I need to visit Kew Gardens next time I am in London), the gorgeous lighting that Mariell is good at capturing and the amazing outfit her friend is wearing. That primary coloured printed skirt is PERFECTION.

4. Why aren't there any amazing tiled walls in Manchester? I keep coming across beautiful tiled walls like in this Kinga Burza photograph. They make for incredible back-drops for portraits.

 5. Natalie's outfits keep on getting better and better. Her effortless fusion of bohemian/rock chic/off-duty-model style is currently providing me with endless inspiration. The girl takes awesome photos too!

6. Shini's FabergĂ© egg nails are RIDICULOUSLY good. She provided a 'how to' guide on her blog. The perfect way to tap into next season's Oriental trend.

7. I've been following the progression of the Rookie roadtrip on various Instagram feeds. These first few photos taken by Petra Collins for Urban Outfitters are stunning! 

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  1. Ahh THANK YOU for Natalie Off Duty. New favourite!

    1. she's awesome - isn't she?! check out her sister's blog too - colour me nana x

  2. Hellooo! Have just emailed and thought I'd take a looky at your post too :)
    How lovely to see my good friend Mariells photos in here! She shot my dear friend Caitlin - I'm so glad you love them too! :D
    Love xxx

    1. Thanks for your email, lovely. You and your friends are all luscious photographers x