4 Sep 2012

London on Instagram

I returned yesterday from a long weekend visiting my best friend in London. Most of these photographs are from Friday, when I spent the morning shopping around Regent St and exploring the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate. on Saturday, we ventured to Stoke Newington, where I snatched up some bargains in a vintage shop (everything was £10!), caught up with friends over cocktails, almost got locked in a cemetery and ate the world's largest pizza. On Sunday, I visited family and went to the cinema.

The next adventure on my week off work starts tomorrow: a few days in Kirkby Lonsdale with my boyfriend.

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  1. Which vintage shop is this? I live near London and vintage clothing for £10 sounds like a dream!

    1. It was called Dirty Blonde. On Church St (Church Rd?) in Stoke Newington. I'm not sure if it's always £10 per item - there were no price tags on anything and when we walked in the assistant announced that everything was a tenner! I got a floral dress that you can sort of see in one of my photos and a printed t-shirt x