7 Oct 2012

Paris Fashion Week: Favourites

I want to be an APC girl. I want to wear chic ensembles, carry a tan leather satchel and own the perfect navy blue wool coat.  

My favourite part of Raf Simon's first Dior collection was these two dresses in the finale. Simple black cotton bodice + full patterned skirt = Perfection.

Christophe Lemaire has recently popped up on my radar after we started selling his Beanpole diffusion line at work. Heavily influenced by European New Wave music, there is a clean and graphic aesthetic to his designs. For SS13, Lemaire's presentation featured flashes of vivid colours, slouchy tailored trousers and bold prints. 


  1. Love all the APC looks. I wouldn't mind being an APC girl either!

    1. I wish that I could afford to buy my whole wardrobe from there! I really want the coat in the first photo x

  2. Excellent morning. Is fantastic post. All of it looks amazing

  3. Gosh! I LOVE the APC looks too. Why oh why can't I have them all?! Timeless and figure flattering. WIN WIN