10 Dec 2012

Collin Hughes for VSCO cam

The perception of iPhone photography is quite mixed. Since Nick Knight presented his Instagram photoshoot earlier this year, the humble iPhone has been regarded by some as a handy substitute camera for when the bulk of your DSLR would not be practical. There is a wealth of Instagram users who are highly regarded for their photography skills, using just the humble phone.

There are some, however, who think that phone photography is giving the art form a bad name. I urge these to take in this shoot by Collin Hughes for Visual Supply's new iPhone app, VSCO cam.

All of these images above were taken with an iPhone and edited with VSCO cam. 


  1. I only recently downloaded VSCO cam and love using it. I firmly believe good photographs aren't restricted by the camera used - some of my favourite shots were taken on cheap disposables or my phone. Composition and subject matter will always win out at the end of the day.

  2. These are beautiful photos, so beautiful. I love photography with any type of camera, I think it makes them a bit more unique, and I also think that you are a very talented photographer. ♥
    X Jane