26 Dec 2012

Insta - Update

 1. Trivial Pursuits on Christmas night. 2. Our cosy lounge complete with new artwork. 3. Dave with one of our new records. 4. Best friends Christmas. 5. Me on Christmas Day. 6. Baby Shetland Pony at Dave's parent's house. 7. Work Christmas party. 8. House Christmas. 9. Awesome book from Dave.
1. Lunch at Oklahoma. 2. My current favourite graffiti in Manchester. 3. PHOTOBOOTH. 4-6. My favourite place for a walk in the wood: Chorlton Meadows. 7. Boy and cat. 8. Antwerp Mansion graffiti. 9. Abigail at Oklahoma.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I know I've been absent lately, I intend on being more active on here from now on. To update you on what I have been up to, here are a few snaps from my Instagram feed (elavelle).

The first collage revolves around my Christmas, whilst the seconds shares a few random shots from previous weeks.

One of my favourite Christmas presents was a book, Photocrafty that I can't wait to get stuck into! I'm going to try to work through all of the projects in there and share the results here.

Have a relaxing Boxing Day!

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  1. The baby shetland pony is so sweet. I love your instagram update. The photos are really interesting and the reflecting images are great too.