2 Jan 2013

2012 Recap: JULY - DECEMBER

A bittersweet girl's night, as my best friend prepared to move to London.
An incredible trip to London with the Forever 21 press team.
My friend gave birth to two adorable babies, Luna and Dexy.
Plank! (my boyfriend's band) album launch party at the Soup Kitchen. 

I celebrated my birthday with a lovely day trip with my boyfriend.
We then had a birthday party in our garden with bunting and pretty flowers.
The month was rounded off with a trip to Beacons Festival, where my boyfriend's band played.

The month began with a trip to London to visit my best friend.
I then visited Kirkby Lonsdale with my boyfriend, in his parent's cottage.
We went for a walk at Lyme Park, one of our favourite places.
And went to watch lots of bands (pictured above, my friend's band, Songs For Walter).

I went for walks amongst the autumn leaves with Dave.
We visited Huddersfield and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
We sketched a plastic life model and giggled at the art work at the David Shrigley exhibition.

We went to watch more bands.
I had a lovely night out for a friend's birthday.
There were yet more walks in the woods.
A cosy Sunday night was spent watching local bands accompany short films.

Hats and moustaches at my work Christmas party.
I celebrated Christmas with my best friends with a lovely night in (and on the roof).
A Christmas family portrait with my boyfriend and our lodgers.
Christmas day spent at my boyfriend's parents house.

This year I plan to: Use my cameras more, travel to more places (on my list for 2013: America, Whitby, Edinburgh, Paris), spend less money on going out and clothes, go on lots of day trips, make our house even nicer  and further my career.