7 Mar 2013

February through Instagram

1. The ice-cream van visits work every day! Bring on Summer! 2. Strawberries as a healthy alternative. 3. Tropical collar and Arran sweater - perfect Spring layering. 4. Sweet potato and apple fritters. 5. A day trip to Lancaster. 6. Salted chocolate torte. 7. Pretty little kitty. 8. A delicious yet greasy dinner in the new Cal/Mex restaurant in Manchester. 9. Welly dog!

10. Love hearts on valentines day. 11. A cheesy selfie. 12. Drinks with friends at the Beagle. 13. My cat loves sleeping in drawers! 14. Butterfly mirrorgram. 15. Lancaster. 16. I need more denim shirts in my wardrobe. 17. My new favourite dress and Rosie. 18. Cuddles with friends cats.

My February through Instagram

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