13 Apr 2013

April Inspiration

I'm stuck in the house on my own tonight, with my swollen red ankle (grrr allergic reaction to insect bites!) propped up on a pile of pillows, listening to Haim and perusing the internet.

What's inspiring you lately? 

I am feeling  inspired by pinafore dresses, bright colours, gingham dresses, exotic locations, long hair, spring blooms, long dresses, bold necklaces and fussy prints.

Photos by: 
The Cherry Blossom Girl, 4th and Bleeker, Clever Nettle, Unknown, Mademoiselle Robot, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Unknown, Camille Rowe for Tank magazine, Charlotte Free for Complot, Girl a la Mode, Cara Stricker for Helmet magazine/ Charlie Engman for Urban Outfitters, Cara Stricker for Helmet magazine