12 Aug 2013


I'm always on the look-out for new and interesting fashion magazines. Feeling inspired by my discovery of No Cigar today, I have had a root online and discovered a few gems - some of which I have managed to get my hands on, others that I unfortunately can't find available to purchase.

LOVE WANT unfortunately seems to be currently sold out but I have found enough endless inspiration on their website to know that this is a magazine that's so far up my street that it's ringing on my doorbell.

The photography showcased on their website seems so refreshing compared to the bombardment of super-model, designer-label bulging glossies. 

Other new favourites that I want/need/bought include: Yen, StellaMaterial Girl, Contributor and Milk.
(If you know where I can pick up a copy of Yen, Stella and/or LOVE WANT in Manchester/online please let me know!)


  1. Never heard of this but I LOVE that picture of Anja K! I guess you've tried Magma & Tutzi's?! I bet Magma could order them in for you if you asked nicely.

    1. Magma don't have either but I could ask?

      Where is Tutzi's??

  2. I remember seeing the very first issue of Love Want and thinking how refreshing the direction was. I saw a copy in a store a while ago and am kicking myself for not getting it.