17 Dec 2013


I think that I have fallen a little bit back in love with UK Vogue. Like a breathe of fresh air, Cass Bird swept in with this combination of Scandinavian landscapes and modern minimalism. Whilst monochromatic simplistic style is nothing new to our fashion-attuned eyes, it was a joy to see Vogue showing us looks that were actually attainable to reference ourselves with a little help from the likes of Zara. Oversized maxi T-shirt gowns, backless dresses and wide legged glam jumpsuits looked refreshingly contemporary when paired with slip-on flats (although I think I'd opt for Celine skaters); whilst super-wide culottes and super-high-waisted slouchy trousers brought a modern-meets-the-seventies vibe to tightly ribbed jumpers and cropped tops. There you have it: the ideal wardrobe for a weekend on the archipelagos.

UK Vogue December 2013, Photographs: Cass Bird. Model: Freja Beha Erichsen. Stylist: Francesca Burns

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