11 Jan 2014


I've had one of those lazy afternoons where you end up getting lost in the labyrinth that is Pinterest. I have had interiors (and exteriors) on the brain today, building up a little list of what I want my future home to look like. True, some of these ideas could be applied to our current abode but I'm thinking about stained glass windows, large hallways and oversized square-paned windows that let in natural light and open up to cherry blossom and magnolia trees in the yard. 

Intricately painted staircases, window seats, tiled floors, wood burning stoves, vividly coloured painted walls, and a kitchen full of plants; building up my online scrapbook that will one day be reality. 


  1. in love with that staircase!

  2. If I had just one of these interiors or exteriors my life would be so dreamy. Lovely collection.

  3. wow love the tiles in that hallway with the coats!