25 Feb 2014

The Great Outdoors

I count down the days until the weekend, constantly checking the weather forecast on my phone, praying that there is no rain. I want to get outdoors, sick of being chaining to my desk in an office a two hour commute away. My life is spent on buses, on trains and shut indoors. I long for vast open spaces and epic scenery. I want to stand on the top of hills, photography reflections in still lakes and run through the trees. 

Images 1-4: Bethany Olson
Images 5-8: Katie Ruther


  1. Gorgeous shots and scenery! http://lovelyclusters.blogspot.com

  2. Where are those tracks? So beautiful!

    1. I think they are somewhere in Oregon/Washington. I really badly want to visit the north west coast of America and find them!