26 Jun 2014


I almost purchased a new magazine today, only stopping myself because it's four days until pay day and there was quite a hefty price tag. The Plant Journal called to me through the window of the Cornerhouse; peeking in as I walked past, as always hoping to see a glimpse of Apartmento or Kinfolk (fellow Mancunians, help me out here?). 

Boasting the tag-line "A journal about plants and other greenery", you may wonder why on earth I would want to pick up such a tome. This is no gardening manual, however. Lovers of the titles I mentioned above, you will rejoice that there is yet another magazine to quench your thirst for all things aesthetically pleasing that also features distinguished, well-written articles about things you actually want to read about.

Featuring photography by several of my favourite analogue photographers, including Coke Bartrina and non-other than Lina Scheynius, The Plant Journal explores the works of creative people with a love of plants. Amongst the various photographic pieces there are articles detailing as wide a topics as the coconut palms of Ghana, cinematic childhood fantasies and the gardens of Versailles.

Screw the price tag, I'll be picking up a copy of The Plant Journal tomorrow.


  1. I know Coke! but didn't know about the talented Lina Scheynius! thanks

    1. No way - like actually know him? Lina is my all-time fave. Have you had a look at her work? So awesome! x