30 Oct 2010

Work Wear

Since starting my new job this week, I have been rethinking office work wear. I work for a luxury fashion retailer, so I have to look smart, but I would also like to incorporate a bit of stylishness into my work wear, and ultimately, a bit of 'me'. I don't wear trousers, and I generally don't wear black, so I have been searching high and low for inspiration of what to wear for work.

shirt dresses
lina di moda

plaid shirts, tucked into high waisted skirts
lea seydoux

starch white shirt tucked into a slinky black maxi skirt
first of august

cutesy pinafore dresses layered with cotton shirts
esme and the lane way

Midi A-line skirts (black leather, perhaps)
park and cube

tailored dresses and chunky cardigans
stockholm street style

mad men inspired dresses - nipped in waists, full skirts and buttoned up collars

pretty silk blouses with bows and a-line minis
clemence posey

neutral coloured silk shirt and smart skirt combos
the golden diamonds

smart fitted jumpers, full skirts and court shoes
vogue australia

peter pan collars peeking out underneath sweaters
caroline's mode

a high-waisted sheer polka dot midi-skirt with a plain black jumper
birds of a feather

classic parisian style -tailored skirt, smart shirt and beret
all the pretty birds

a smart skirt, with braces and a jumper

What do you wear for work?


  1. I love this post! I'm a student now, but I'm definitely bookmarking this for the future.

  2. i think any of these would be appropriate for work and seeing as you work for a fashion retailer then you have to add a bit of your own style in there
    i don't have a job unfortunately but i would wear any of these outfits

  3. I'm a student so I can wear whatever I want, which usually is far more smart than necessary. You are so lucky to be able to wear office wear with your own style incorporated into it! I'm loving the mid-length a-line skirts and cotton shirts, but personally I think you should totally rock the mad men look xx

  4. That shirtdress in the first image is beautiful!

  5. Aaah I love so many of these outfits! particuarly the top one! beautiful! id love to dress like this to work :)

  6. aaah i love so many of these! particuarly the first image - but all beautiful!
    would love to wear these to work in the future!

  7. This is all wonderful inspiration. That first dress has definitely caught my eye. Thanks for the London tips too. Greenwich sounds lovely!

  8. The first photo is stunning! And anything Clemence Posey, I love.

    Sharon xx

  9. Wow! I like this post. It has a lot of great outfits. Thumbs up!


  10. This is a great post! I start my new job as an administratrice in Paris this week and I am excited yet nervous about what to wear. This gives me some super nice ideas! Bonne semaine, Emma :-)

  11. Lovey photos, specially the ones of Léa Seydoux (L), Clemence Poesy (I love her style) and Alexa, love her gray sweater.

    I'm a student so I usually dress in a casual way to go to university. And I usually wear trousers and I have loads of black clothes like blazers, t-shirts, skirts, vests... hehe, but I love this soft colors for clothes too ;)


  12. I think it's great that you don't wear trousers. Skirts and dresses are definitely the way to go!

  13. Wow, this post looks very nice, i wish you to post new updates regularly....!!!workwear