29 May 2011

Berlin - Digital

Digital snaps from Berlin

As before, all photographs taken by myself and my boyfriend


  1. I love virtually every photo with you in, you're either zooming past on your bike or messing around with a drink. So cute.
    I also love the graffti- its this type of work which can be considered art, not merely some paint or scribble on a wall.


  2. Thanks for the satchel tip! Now I know what to ask my friend to bring over from the UK in August. ;P

    I love that yellow floral dress of yours! I put myself on a print dress ban though because my brother thinks I have way too much. But I really like how you bookended some of the other photos with the two of bikes. I love bikes as well!

    Looks like you managed better in German-speaking country than I did. I was so clueless in Zurich that had my cousin and his girlfriend not been with me I probably would have gotten on all the wrong trams.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea