29 May 2011

Berlin - Graffiti

I want to move to Berlin. I have just had the most perfect week - exploring the city by bicycle, adventuring in Grunewald forest, drinking cocktails by the side of the river and taking in the sites - both the obvious and the off-the-beaten-track.

I have returned with hundreds of photographs to show and so not to overwhelm you, I am dividing them up into separate posts. This post concentrates on film photographs of graffiti around Berlin.

All photographs were taken by myself or the photographs of myself were taken by my boyfriend.


  1. Looks like you had a super holiday! I really love the floral dress + Cambridge satchel combo, it just about cemented my decision to get the latter. Also, I am having the same problem re: holiday photos—I don't know where to start dividing for blog posts! But I can't wait to see the rest of yours.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. They are beautiful! I want to go to Berlin so badly XD

  3. These photos are amazing. I love the apartment blocks especially. Could you do tell us more about where you went in Berlin, and where some of these were taken? Looks like you did loads in just a week, I would love to know how you planed your trip/how you heard about these places, ect. xx