12 May 2011

A True Style Icon

I can be endlessly inspired to dress like Alexa Chung or Carey Mulligan or Ashley Olsen but reality is that these girls and their fellow stylish celebs have access to designers that the likes of you and me probably will never have, Sure, we could save up for a dress or handbag or jacket and treasure it more dearly than anything else in our wardrobes; but we will mix and match this item, creating a dozen outfits from the one piece, wearing it three or four times a week. If we were papped by scores of photographers every day, they would soon get bored of seeing us wear the same clothes over and over.
A true style icon is someone more like us. Someone who has those treasured pieces in her wardrobe, that mixes and matches one or two designers items with scores of vintage and the best finds of the high street and creates her own unique style that is based around a core wardrobe of several items she wears weekly.
Someone like Claire Healy, who makes a pale green sweater a must-have piece on my wishlist. Someone like Siri Thorson, who seems to have a never ending enviable supply of beautiful vintage garment. Someone like Erin from the blog Calivintage, who perfectly mixes quirky labels with vintage treasures to create simple, sought-after styling.

Ladies who have been inspiring me lately ...
Claire Healy by Vanessa Jackman, Kate Schelter by Tales of Endearment, Siri Thorson, Cara Dawson by Vanessa Jackman, The Snail and the Cyclops, Erin, Marina Munoz by Tales of Endearment


  1. I very much agree with you- we can never afford a designer wardrobe and stylists on tap. love the photos of these girls- great inspiration! xx

  2. I really like the first 4 photos.

  3. Claire is the best! Her hair, the wardrobe, the sense of effortless style and literary aura - a constant inspiration.

  4. I cannot agree with you more and I think that's exactly why style blogs are becoming so popular.

  5. right on! i have come to realize that i hardly even follow mainstream fashion anymore. the only thing that inspires me are the blogs i read and street style. real people with real style. i'm not interested in whats trendy and what everyone can buy, you can buy style.