3 Feb 2012

Marguerite Gisele

Thanks to the lovely Dulcie, for introducing me to my latest blog crush, Marguerite Gisele. January and February are such dismal months, which have led to me so far not honouring my New Years Resolution of taking more photographs with my SLR and my boyfriend's DSLR. Instead of taking my own pictures, I have been snuggled up underneath blankets, indoors, pouring over beautiful photographs that others have taken. Marguerite's pictures have inspired me to pick up my film cameras more again. (And slightly frustrated me that I don't suit my hair long and wavy! Dream hair alert!)


  1. total dream hair. I am convinced that if my sister can have it, so can I. So I am constantly trying, getting half way there and chopping it all off again. A never ending cycle.

    lovely discovery, these photos are great!

  2. Just found this -Thank you very much, it means a lot to me! Hope you'll stick to your New Years Resolution, very curious to see your photographs soon!

  3. beautiful photography! thanks for sharing :)