12 Jun 2012

LOVE DesignLoveFest

There are 100,000s of personal style blogs nowadays. The ones that really stand out to me, that inspire me and delight me are those that are colourful, fun and UNIQUE. DesignLoveFest is all of the above. Bri Emery is an LA-based all round creative with her hands in many pies (graphic designer/blogger/art director etc) who has the most refreshing personal style I have seen in a long time. DesignLoveFest is not primarily a style blog. Bri describes the blog as 'where type and images totally make out' - it's basically a visual smorgasboard of creative content, colourful photos, witty writing and awesome use of type incorporated into the images. Bri herself is an absolute babe - messy long blonde hair and awesome thick 'bangs' and an adorable smile. She wears a delectable mix of vibrant hues, fun prints and vintage pieces, with a natural creative flair of putting outfits together.

All photos are from Bri's blog.


  1. Nice post :) And I like the new head.

    Jess Gon