29 Dec 2012

2012 Recap JANUARY - JUNE

We began the year by celebrating New Years Eve at our house, with all of our best friends and a ridiculous amount of glow sticks!
At the beginning of 2012, myself and my friends regularly frequented a bar named Home Sweet Home, where we played Bingo once a week.

I celebrated Valentines Day with a lovely candlelit meal.
There were plenty of nights out at our local bar, Fuel.
One Sunday afternoon, we all met up for a Sunday roast and drinks in Chorlton.

We danced to 1960's music for one of my best friend's birthdays.
We explored animal graffiti around the Northern Quarter.
My boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Kirkby Lonsdale for his birthday weekend.

A bank holiday night was spent dancing in Kraak Gallery.
Then watching geese in Spinningfields!
We climbed trees and slid down zip wires at Go Ape for my best friend's birthday.
As a good friend prepared to go travelling, we spent a fun day out at a country fair and Crosby beach.
The cherry blossom appeared and I took too many photographs.

Summer arrived (briefly) and we had lots of picnics in parks and meadows.
There were lots of fun nights out with friends.
An awesome weekend was spent in Brighton with my boyfriend and a group of friends.

More nights out with friends.
Then I visited Berlin and Hamburg with my boyfriend.
We spent 8 days exploring both cities.

JULY - DECEMBER coming soon!