17 Aug 2013

Spree Park

I'd love to boast that we snuck in to Spree Park, that we helped each other climb over the fence and crept around the place hiding from the guard dogs.

However, we didn't. We stumbled across a tour on our last afternoon, hours before we had to leave to catch our plane. Our guide rambled on in German and a lovely women translated the interesting bits for us as we clambered around the disused rides, savouring every moment.

If you visit Berlin and want to book on a Spree Park tour, it is near impossible to find any information on-line, aside from a German-only website that gives an apparently out of use phone number. The tour we went on commenced at 4pm on Saturday. If you find the entrance to the park and wait there from 3.30, you should bump into the tour guide. It's the entrance right around the back, where you can see the elephant through the rusty gates.


  1. wow
    thats amazing ! absolutely love creepy photo sessions in abandoned places
    Would be great if you could visit mine blog as well