29 Apr 2015


Is it weird that I enjoy planning holidays almost as much as I like going on them? I get excited months in advance, purchase every travel guide going, sift through thousands of blog posts, start stalking people on Instagram, and accost every person I know who has previously been to my upcoming destination.

These analogue shots are all from last year's European jaunt with a group of friends. We traveled by train from London - Paris - Aix en Provence - Barcelona, living off a diet of avocados and cava. We lazed in parks, drove up terrifying roads to witness terrific views, swam in icy lakes, partied all night, and attempted to sleep on trains. I'm off to Berlin with the gang one month today, and there will almost certainly be more photos to share upon my return.

All images - my own


  1. Your photos are so gorgeous! The cactus photo is particularly amazing. I also love the planning part of traveling, maybe as much as the actual traveling! There's definitely an optimism that takes place, because there are so many possibilities in the early stages.

  2. I LOVE organizing trips! From the logistic part to know everything that is possible to visit or see, even things I know I'm not interested in. I have entire notebooks full of notes from my travels, and most of that notes are from before I actually left home.
    Beautiful pics. The vacation-vibe is so... palpable.