2 Jul 2015


Wild swimming in cold reedy lakes; sitting outside pubs with friends as lightning strikes across the moody sky and big, fat rain droplets cool down my sweaty skin; lazing in parks and contemplating life; cycling everywhere with my hair drying in the sun - the past few days have been absolute perfection.

This is my favourite time of year. The smell of honeysuckle, freshly mowed grass and hot tarmac after a rain shower. An overwhelming abundance of green everywhere I look. Blossoms and blooms in every imaginable colour peeking over walls and around corners. Sporadic parties in woods, drinks in the sun, picnics in parks. Planning festivals and holidays and road trips and countryside getaways. The sounds of my favourite songs drifting out of car windows, playing through tinny speakers in gardens, blasting from crackly speakers in sweaty bars. The taste of ripe avocado, bitter grapefruit, bubbling prosecco. The feel of the sun warming your skin, of the wind blowing your hair.

Photos: @indiluna / @bluechlo / @kissesxstitches / @kissesxstitches / @bluechlo / @bluechlo


  1. Love the photos you picked out! And I totally agree with you on those avocados!

  2. these photos are so great. i'd kill for a day in a lake.


  3. Gorgeous photos, and it all sounds truly dreamy! I've yet to experience a summer lake, hope to change that soon! x

  4. Wonderful photos! And the places are amazing! Congratulations!
    Ah.. If you want I have also a photography blog! Is this: vincenzoutro.altervista.org :)

  5. Such beautiful beautiful pics!!