2 Jan 2010

Blog Crush #1

A new feature for 2010. My favourite new blog finds.


I couldn't really tell you anything about this blog, or even the name of the dark messy haired beauty that writes it [EDIT: they are twins named Olivia and Julia] , but sometimes, pictures speak for themselves. Beautiful vintage dresses, stunning (Swedish??) backdrops and those mournful puppt dog eyes. Check it out. If you're like me and you love dreamy photography, you won't be disappointed.



  1. Hey girl. Oh xvii! I adore that blog. But actually I found out they're twin sisters, Olivia AND Julia. I was confused in the beginning as well. But agreed, number one blog crush for me too.
    Love Joanna

  2. Wowoww i'm off there right now! I love her dress in the last two pics xx

  3. Oh my god.. Thank you so much for sharing - their blog and photos are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!!
    Your blog is so lovely, dear