5 Jun 2011

Five Favourites- June

1. Interesting Colour Combinations

Colour is exciting at the moment. No matter how you wear it - bright pops against a muted background, clashing shades, head to toe hues - Colour is big news in the fashion world. The most initiative colour combinations are those that are daring and bold and defy the obvious. Red and peach. Sea-foam-green and orange. Baby blue and coral. Keep colour to three pieces maximum and pair with simple black, white or tan, to keep yourself from looking like you exploded out of a paint box. Keep hair and make-up simple, save for an eye-poppingly bright lip.

image via capture the castle via the corner shop blog

2. Tales of Endearment

Written by Natalie Joos, this charming blog follows a format which seems to be increasing in popularity - the author photographing her fashionable subjects in the comfort of their own homes and interviewing them in a relaxed manner. 'Tales of' is one of the leaders of it's genre, profiling a mix of America-aboding, uber cool girls in predominately vintage ensembles. Check it out.

3. Analogue holiday snaps

After shooting four rolls of film myself whilst visiting Berlin, I am now trawling the Blogosphere for other peoples holiday photographs. Hilary Boles' dreamy recent images from a vacation in Paris fit the bill perfectly. I am now planning further trips this year where I can further learn to use my camera.

4. Photographs of girls in galleries.

There's just something about a picture of someone looking at a picture that i adore.

Images by Little Miss Lime and Fieldguided

5. Emily Weiss' style

Not only does the girl edit and write a highly successful, pioneering beauty blog, she's also seriously stylish herself. The pale blue Equipment shirt, red ballet pumps, roomy tote bag and palest green nail polish are now all on my ever-expanding Wish List.

Image by The Coveteur for Vogue online


  1. love the collection of images! x

  2. Oh, Rory Culkin all up in here, let me fan myself. And I so agree, I've never noticed how many of my Flickr favorites are just people at museums. They are also so cute when a person's head is tilted to the side or someone is trying hard to get real close without touching anything... moments like that.

  3. I love the photos! great outfits too!

  4. beautiful, inspiring blog, miss ; )