13 May 2012

7 Wonders - Hannah Rose from Capture the Castle

The first guest blogger that I welcome to my blog to share her '7 Wonders' is the delightful Hannah Rose who writes one of my all-time favourite blogs, Capture the Castle. Please read on for Hannah's current inspirations.

1. Natalie Nikitovic's photos of Dress Up 

Dress Up is a cute Australian label by Stephanie Downey. Her aeshetic is slightly retro 1970s - think loads of corduroy, high-waisted culottes and wide-legged pants - and totally relaxed and laid back. Stephanie paired up with her mate, photographer Natalie Nikitovic to take photos of some of Stephanie's friends (and the best advertisements for Dress Up) out and about in her local Melbourne. I think my favourite set is this one of Leah, with her beautiful, thick long hair all cosy in Dress Up's cherry red sweater.

2. TOME A/W 12 look book 

The partnership of two Aussies living in New York - stylist Ryan Lobo and former Derek Lam design director Ramon Martin - TOME is one of those fantastic, je ne sais quoi labels that gets it right every time and makes you wonder how you ever lived without it in your wardrobe. For their sophomore season they produced an elegant riff on Japanese Karate-uniforms and late 1980s oversized silhouettes. The bi-colour trench is top of my shopping list for next season.

3. So how was your day 

I can't get enough of this new site, which chronicles a day in the life of hip, happening creative types. Everyone loves a good sticky beak into other people's lives, and the people at So how was your day always seem to ask the right questions (like what you had for breakfast, and whether you are a Gale or Peeta fan). 

4. Flower bombing by hope this lasts 

I've been a fan of the girl from Flower Drum ever since I saw them in the Sydney magazine a year or so ago. They are basically two flower-obsessed friends who spend ages at the flower markets buying lots of beautiful blooms and arranging them in their signature flower bomb (round balls just bursting with flowers that you can hang from the roof or from a light fixture or whatever you want). One of my favourite bloggers, Aubrey from Hope This Lasts, went to a flower bombing lesson with the girls from the Flower Drum and this was the result. Stunning! And makes me believe that I could do it myself at home.

5. Shopghost 

I - along with most other 20-something girls interested in fashion - am obsessed with Stevie Dance. I loved the days when she was the renegade fashion editor at RUSSH, attending fashion week with unbrushed hair and a face untouched by the makeup brush, in Balenciaga leather shorts and a ratty old tee. Now she's a freelance stylist that heads up an online zine Shopghost, celebrating everything that is good about the world of online shopping. She's touched something of the zeitgeist here, creating a space where people can have a chat about clothes and things they've seen online and want to buy - just like girls do with bricks-and-mortar shops - but in the virtual space. My favourite sections are  Guest Ghost, where Dance's well-dressed friends spill the secrets behind the wardrobe (and how much they spend on clothes!!), and the Ghost Loves section, which dissects a current trend with quirky facts and ephemera. 

6. Mychameleon's editorial pictures 

Speaking of online shopping... I like a site that takes interesting editorial pictures of their clothes (babeing models earn extra points). The Mychameleon always take gorgeous pictures of broody and moody girls pouting and shrugging their way across a variety of outfits from brands including Thomsen, Stine Goya and Gary Bigeni. I love their selection of brands, the perfect cross-section of local labels and international favourites (I've been introduced to many brands this way!) and their pictures make everything look so damn good.                 

7. Rachel Kara's pictures of Bread and Circus 

Rachel Kara is a fantastic photographer and a great friend, and she took some truly beautiful pictures of my favourite cafe/restaurant in Sydney at the moment - Bread and Circus. This place is seriously, seriously, seriously good, all organic food, quirky flavours, more-ish flavours and generous helpings of everything. I love the sandwich boxes, salad plates for lunch and the foxy porrdige and not-so-scrambled eggs in the morning and, of course, the life-altering choc chip cookie. Always. Rachel captures the feeling of plenty that you get from being at Bread and Circus perfectly.


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