9 May 2012

7 Wonders

In an attempt to bring some order to my somewhat sporadic posting, I am slowly going to introduce a few regular features to my blog. The first of these is '7 Wonders', where I am going to ask some fellow internet darlings to tell me 7 things which are currently inspiring them on the world wide web. To begin, here are my 7 Wonders -

1. Annie Monroe's hair. 
It is relatively hard to find pictures of The Like's keyboard player but when you do, you are rewarded with images of what I think of as Perfect Hair. My current coiffure crush, I already have the blunt fringe and am currently growing my bob a little longer for that desired length.

2. Flower Crowns.
Mariam Sitchinava asked 13 young Georgian women to create their own floral garlands for her 'Crowns' project.The resulting images are beautifully arresting, with the vivid crowns instantly capturing your attention, whilst complimenting the rural landscapes. I'm itching to weave garlands together myself.
Photograph. Mariam Sitchinava.

3. A tour of Kate Foley's apartment.
Refinery 29 take us on a whistle-stop tour of the Opening Ceremony buyer's home and closet, throwing in a   cute-as-a-button kitten for further approval. Kate Foley's style is widely documented by street style photographers, with her wedges and white socks being instantly recognisable style staples. Her apartment is equally as stylish, with navy blue walls, a stunning mezzanine and heaps of personality.
Photograph. Mark Lantosca for Refinery 29.

4. Leila Peterson.
In a slightly unusual twist, I discovered Leila Peterson's work through her excellent Instagram feed. This subsequently led on to spending hours devouring her website and blog and completely falling in love with her perceptions of life by the sea in California. Who would have thought that photographs taken whilst walking the dog by the beach could be this awe-inspiring?
Photograph. Leila Peterson.

5. Marais SS12 lookbook.
The latest lookbook by Marais is very simplistic, fresh and clean. The clothes themselves are topping my summer wish list - especially the pastel-hued sandals below (which would perfectly compliment my favourite grey jersey midi-dress and lilac nails).
Photograph. Marais.

6. Tina Sosna.
Another current photographer crush is Tina Sosna. Tina documents her native Germany in a way that reminds you that all of your childhood fairy tales originated there. I have recently become even more enamoured with film photography than I already was before - beautiful images such as those of Tina's remind me why film is so special.
Photograph. Tina Sosna.

7. The Topshop Tumblr.
Out of all of the online retailers, Topshop have, in my opinion, utilised tumblr in the best possible way. They have dedicated their tumblr 100% to streetstyle, with a comprehensive mix of outfits from the streets of London, fashion week and head office style. I often scour the website for inspiration of little details to incorporate into my wardrobe- be that painting each nail a different pastel shade or layering a woolly jumper over a delicate dress.
Photograph. Topshop Tumblr.


  1. Lovely list! I ended up visiting all the external links because everything was just too fantastic to ignore. Love your blog.

  2. wow the first picture is amazing!

  3. I really really love this post! Lots of delightful new things to look at.

  4. Ohhh i love posts like this! Your blog is so inspiring <3 tis one my favourites!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the series unfold xxxx