2 May 2012

Amandine Paulandre

I am currently finding myself endlessly inspired by newly discovered talented photographers. Amandine Paulandre takes pictures of how I want to spend my summers how I want to take pictures- in pretty pastel destinations, with flowers in hair (or perhaps perched in a blossom tree). It's time to get my film cameras back out, tease fresh flowers into dainty crowns and force my friends to have their pictures taken.


  1. These are beautiful! I can always depend on your blog to inspire me when im in a creative rut :D

    ps if this photoshoot ever takes place please post pictures! I love your photography O_O! xxxx

  2. Oh, I love the lighting in that first one.

  3. I love finding new photographers, especially ones that capture summery scenes :) Today I discovered Lara Jade, I just did a feature on her on my new blog. Check it out, I'm sure you'd love her :) x