23 Aug 2012

Greetings From Beacons

The summer isn't complete with at least one festival thrown into the mix. Last weekend, I headed to Skipton in Yorkshire for Beacons Festival that Plank! (my boyfriend's band) happened to playing at.

1. An epic sunset on the Saturday night
2. If any boys happen to read my blog - take note of the wellies-rolled-down trend
3. Epic sunset Part 2
4. Our excellent set-up: camper van, gazebo and tents
5. Plank! live with dancing pig
6. Dreamy ceiling of the In The Woods tent
7. Watching Wild Beasts headline on the Saturday night


  1. Love Wild Beasts! And those sunset shots - just wow! Summer is just around the corner here in Australia, so this post has got me very much looking forward to festival season.

    1. Thank yooooou! I'm so sad that summer is pretty much over - it didn't really happen at all here! x

  2. love the photos...looks like you had a great time! xx